Steve McQueen


Who knew one could lose a livejournal account and then 'refind' it years later.  Anywho, just posting to say, I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!  Still not posting here for now but will in fact use this account to once more comment on friends' posts without instigating moderation hell.

Hi!  Bye!


Userpics finally!

Today I wandered around a few lj communities dedicated to the sharing of icons and snagged a few. Six of which I've uploaded and plan to use on my comments. The images I chose were created by:

I wasn't looking for any particular topic or kind of image.  Mostly I was looking for a tone, an emotional note, that might complement a comment. 

Six is way too few to do justice to all the wonderful icons out there.

I suspect you've reached here by accident ...

... but that's okay. My current plan is not to post here at all since my real life blog is alive and well. Mostly I'd like to use this account to post on my friends' live journals without moderation.

If you've a yen feel free to comment here. You never know maybe it'll be the start of a beautiful friendship.